Types Of Designer Beds You Can Get At A Pet Accessories Store

Luxury is what we find for ourselves, and luxury is what we ‘should’ find for our pets too. Most of us do not really pay attention to where our pet sleeps; your bed or couch is generally the pet’s sleeping place. But, why is it so?


When you love your pet just like your any other family member, why don’t you purchase a separate comfy bed for your dog, cat or other pet? At an online pet accessories store, you can get endless varieties of designer beds for your beloved companions. Here are some of them -


Designer Beds For Cats


If you have a beautiful cat with you, you can look for the following designer cat beds -

  • Wicker Baskets: These are the traditional type of baskets or beds that are ideal for your cat.
  • Donut Cat Beds: With slightly higher sides and soft material, these beds make the perfect comfy bed for your pet.
  • Plastic Baskets: These are similar to wicker baskets, and are lined with soft cushions or blankets.
  • Cat Igloo Beds: These are covered beds, which offer security, privacy and warmth to your cat.
  • Cat Hammocks/ Radiator Beds: These woolen made beds are hung over radiators and help your cat enjoy a good sleep.

Designer Beds For Dogs


You can even find designer dog beds online, such as -

  • Standard Dog Beds: These beds look like huge pillows or cushions that do not have rims or edges.
  • Orthopedic Dog Beds: As the name suggests, this bed is meant for dogs suffering from orthopedic problems.
  • Covered Dog Beds: These beds are covered from all sides and are available in the shape of a small house.
  • Heated Dog Beds: Heated beds are therapeutic in nature and can give extra warmth to your pet.
  • Travel Dog Beds: These beds can be easily folded or rolled up, so as to make travel easy with your pet.

Aren’t these beds wonderful? All of these beds are super comfortable and can be purchased at very nominal rates from an animal pet shop online. So, begin shopping right away!!


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