Do You Know Pet Ashes Can Turn Into Affordable Sterling Silver Jewelry?

No human love or loyalty can ever match the affection shown by pets. This is why unwanted incidents, such as deaths can be a major trauma for animal lovers. But, life is meant to ‘move on’, no matter what comes your way. Hence, pet owners have found a unique way to honor their deceased animal friend(s) and keep their memories alive for generations.


You may be surprised to know that ashes can be transformed into beautiful jewelry. Pet owners often have no idea what to do with the remains of their pet. Hence, as a memento of love for their pet, they turn their pet ashes into tangible and wearable accessories.


Metals Used For Making Cremation Jewelry

Ashes-turned-jewelry are manufactured using different kinds of metals. As per your choice, you can get jewelry made with gold, silver plating, sterling silver, gems, diamonds etc. However, the most demanded option of them all is sterling silver.


Affordable sterling silver jewelry is the one that is made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper or other metal. These types of jewelries are much more durable than others. This is why sterling silver is high in demand.


Types Of Jewelry From Pet Ashes

The ashes of your pet can be transformed into multiple types of jewelries, and some of them are mentioned as under -


  1. Wearable Urn

Wearable urns are available in the market, which are tiny in size, so that you can easily wear them and store the ashes in the urn. No matter what you wear, these urns look elegant with every dress.


  1. Earrings and rings

Ashes can also take the form of cute sterling silver earrings and rings. Most of the pet owners love to keep the ashes close to the heart. Hence, nothing could be better than rings or earrings, which are worn on a daily basis.


  1. Bracelets

Pearl and carved bracelets are another variety of cremation pet jewelry. At one hand, where bracelets give you a classy look, at the other hand, these form an elegant way to store ashes.


In simple words, ashes can be transformed into any type of wearable accessory, be it clean sterling silver necklace, pendant or ring etc. Its just a way to show love for your beloved companion.


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